Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring Slowly Returns- Schwinn New World

Slowly but surely, the warmer weather is returning to Virginia. We broke 60 last weekend, and broke 60 again yesterday. Today is in the 50's, though this week is supposed to be chillier. Nevertheless, recent rains have washed away the road salts, and the weather is warm enough for some fun riding.

This past couple of weeks, I have been riding the 1940 New World. You may recall, this was the bike I bought as a core, then built up some nice wheels and put some nice parts onto it. The bike is very agile and, with its aluminum rims, quite light for a 75 year old, steel bicycle.

This bicycle also varies from my 1947 New World. The 1947 has "flat" type touring bars and a lower stem. This 1940 New World has a tall stem with a set of 1940s-era Wald bars that have a little more rise and pullback to them.

This New World rides a lot like a Raleigh Sports because everything in the cockpit is closer together than otherwise would be, considering the slack frame. I like that.

As a side note- I spent a substantial part of the winter after New Years rebuilding some guitars/basses/amplifiers. They are not the topic of this web log, but still something interesting.