Sunday, December 7, 2014

1940 Schwinn New World

Still working on a 1940 New World project I picked up this fall. I've had to manufacture a few small parts for it, tweak a few things, and adjust a few things, but it is starting to come together.

The bicycle is a mix of old and new. The rims are Sun CR 18 aluminum types. The spokes are stainless, but the hubs are vintage. The rear is the uncommon Sturmey Archer alloy and the front is a Schwinn Script hub. The tires are new Kendas in the English ISO 599mm size.

Shifter is a 1940s Sturmey Archer quadrant, but the shifter cable is new. Grips are reproduction coke bottles.

The stem originally was from a Schwinn Cycletruck, but someone cut it down. I re-shaped it with a Dremel tool to accept a normal wedge. The AS bolts on the stem are reproduction, as is the AS seat bolt. The saddle is a generic, but still leather, reproduction. Rear reflector is original glass Stimsonite.

Brake calipers are original "Schwinn Built" type, as are the brake handles. Pedals are AS stamped originals.