Tuesday, October 8, 2013

1956 Schwinn Project: Repairing Damaged Bicycle Fenders

The weather today was much improved over yesterday's rain, giving me a chance to work on the Schwinn two speed project. Today's project was hammering the dents out of the fenders and some mild shaping of the chain guard.


The rear fender in particular had a very bad crease in it, so bad in fact that whatever caused it also buckled one of the rear fender braces. Using a block and a hammer, I gradually worked the crease and the smaller dents out of the fenders. I also straightened the buckled brace. Although the fenders are not perfect by any means, they are much more presentable now.

With some careful finishing and paint work, the crease and dents should be minimized even further. I have ordered matching red and cream colored paints from http://www.vintageschwinn.com/paint.html#  and I will post a review of their products once I get a chance to try them.

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