Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bike Gear Talk: Banjo Brothers Minnehaha Bag

I have a strong preference for practical, vintage and period-correct accessories on bicycles. However, sometimes you find new items that capture the spirit of old. I have been using a black canvas and leather Minnehaha bag on my Hercules Model G. The Model G is going up for local sale here in the Washington DC area, but I want to keep the bag.

I decided to put the bag on my 1949-50 Columbia Three Star DeLuxe cruiser. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the canvas bag went with the balloon tire bike. I had thought it might look out of place because it was "too new", but the Minnehaha bag captures the spirit and look of classic saddle bags well enough to fit in nicely.

It has that "old motorcycle" look that goes with the styling of the Columbia. After all, the American ballooners were meant to mimic the styling of classic motorcycles. It's also nice to have the durability of new leather and not have to deal with 60 year old, dried out hide.

The bag adds a nice element of practical carry to the bicycle, being able to bring small items like a cell phone, keys, small wallet, and small repair items. The bags are generally inexpensive and I recommend them if you want a new bag with a vintage look and a fair price.

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