Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hercules Model G Three Speed Progress

This past weekend I gathered the components of the Model G up and assembled them. I had to replace a few small screws that were damaged or stripped, but it mostly went together acceptably. I was uneasy with the chain case in particular, but it proved to be easier to mount than the Raleigh Dawn's case.

There is still some work left. I have to clean up and re-build the brake system, as well as clean up and touch-up the handlebars. This particular bicycle came with black handlebars rather than chrome. The 1935 catalog indicates that such an option was the "all black" trim package. I also have to clean up a few spots on the paint overall, particularly on the chain case.

I briefly test rode the bicycle on the little street in front of my house. It was a slow ride because I had no brakes, but my first impression of the bicycle is that it's like a cross between riding a bicycle and walking on stilts. The 24 inch frame makes this one tall bicycle. The rubber saddle you see is a place holder. I have a leather Brooks that will go on it. The axle kickstand is a Wald type. The chain case's support system will not allow for a normal kickstand to be used.

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