Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Schwinn New World - Reassembling the Front End

Tonight was cold and rainy, which meant indoor work and some extra time on the New World. First, I trued, taped, tubed, and tired the rear wheel. I used the same method as the front wheel, which I detailed in an earlier post. I actually had to replace a couple spoke nipples on the rear wheel, but I luckily had some spares around.

Then I set about finishing positioning the tire on the front wheel. I deflated it down to 10 pounds, worked the tire around the bead by hand, evening it up as I went. Then I re-inflated it.

At that point it was time to reassemble the front wheel and fender onto the bike. It's pretty simple: set the bearings on the front wheel so there's just a hint of play, then put the wheel and fender onto the fork.

It went pretty well, though I noticed the front fender has a somewhat odd radius compared to the tire. It seems to be inherent in the design of the parts, since the other New World had the same thing going on when I mock assembled it last fall.

 A little adjustment and it got better, but it's still not a perfect radius compared to the tire. That said, it fits fine and the wheel and fender will work nicely.

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