Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The "After" Guy-

Well only a couple of things were left this past weekend- first add the grips back onto the bike, and second, paint and add the headlight. 

I like Aqua Net, it gives me the confidence and hold that I look for in a hair spray... that is in using it as a light glue. You take the basic Aqua Net you buy in the store and spray it on the handle bars where the grips go. The spray goes on wet, so the grips slide on smoothly. However, once it dries it becomes sticky and keeps the grips in place so they don't move around while you're riding. You can also use it in a pinch as a leeching glue- spray some into a crack and wait for it to dry to form a mild bond. The grips are both secure and stylish with their hair spray, no shampoo needed.

 The head light also arrived in the mail and was the wrong color. So back to the Preval unit with the matching paint. First prime, then paint. It dried nicely. This time I only ended up wearing about the same amount of paint as the light did.

I also procured a halogen bulb for the lamp- basically you get the old lamp, but swap in a modern halogen bulb to maximize the light you get from the two D batteries. There's nothing like using the biggest, most under powered battery you can find. The next step down is a candle.

The Columbia DeLuxe is finally done, at least for now. I may mess with the pedals some, but for the time being I'll call it 'done'. Once re-assembled, the light is put on the front fender with two bolts using the blue loctite. I like it when the loctite matches the bike color... that and the alternative red requires a torch to loosen once you put it on. I stick with the blue.

 When I had the time, ability, and boredom to stay up late some years back, I saw plenty of those late night TV informercials where you had a picture of the guy before the magic treatment, and a picture of him afterwards. Usually during the before he had no hair, weighed 400 lbs, and probably had Syphlis. The after guy was Indiana Jones. This isn't quite the same, but the Columbia "after guy" looks pretty good. It rides nicely too, thanks to that brake overhaul from earlier.

I think I'll do a little article on cleaning up a Raleigh 3 Speed next. Time for a little British flavor.

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